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Hey guys! I hope you all are doing well. I know I really haven’t been all that active since November. There have been a lot of things that have been accumulating on my plate, but there’s been something else that’s been occupying my time and I wanted to share it with you guys.  

Alas, this topic is kind of serious and I apologize if I harsh anyone’s mellow. :/

Since the beginning of this year I’ve been coping with some health related issues. I’ve been dealing with a significant amount of joint pain since my winter job ended (the one where I was in a manmade igloo) and it progressively got worse. It wasn’t until I couldn’t open up my hand after a blue book exam because the joints were so swollen that I went in. I’ve always been bad about going to the doctors since I am incredibly stubborn, but this time I didn’t want to take a chance. I’ve been making frequent trips to the doctor’s office over the past couple of months to try to figure out what’s been going on and I have an answer or two at least.  

After multiple blood tests and physical examinations, the doctor determined that I was having an issue, albeit a mild issue according to her, with my immune system. Apparently, my immune system has gotten a wee bit confused and has started to attack my joints because it thinks that it is a threat or some such. In other words, I have inflammatory arthritis. The medication I’m on seems to have helped alleviate some of the inflammation, but I’m stuck being in pain constantly now and it’s something that I’ve been told will continue throughout the rest of my life. It took a while for that part to sink in and I did the whole 5 stages of grief thing. I’m now at the acceptance stage. Just trucking along…

This condition has made it somewhat difficult for me to attempt creating stock because, oftentimes now, I am fatigued. With the inflammation going on almost 24/7, it means that my body’s defenses are always on which creates that fatigue (according to my doctor). The stress has also made me lose quite a bit of weight and my body hasn’t really gotten used to it yet. This doesn’t mean that I haven’t been trying to create stock. I have a list of stuff that I want to shoot, but I’ve been cancelling shoots because of the general lack of energy I have to do them (and these things take more energy than I have.) I am really hoping, however, that I can get some stock to you guys soon because I’d like you guys to be able to create things. CREATIONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!


I haven’t really been too out there about this on Facebook because I haven’t wanted to deal with questions or callous remarks regarding it. It was already a running joke before that I was secretly an old lady on the inside, but I think it would shock most of my friends once they realize that I kind of am an old lady on the inside in reality. Ha ha! Really bad joke…  

I am grateful, though, that this is not as serious as I thought it was. It’s still serious and it affects me daily, but having dealt with my mother’s health issues and witnessing a friend of mine struggle with her auto immune disorders and her bout with cancer, I know that things could always be worse.

And so, I am grateful.

I apologize if this information puts a damper on anyone’s day. I just felt like I needed to let someone besides my close friends and family members know about what’s going on. I consider the majority of you guys on here my family and so, I wanted to keep you informed.

Goddess bless you all!


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For the longest time I focused on sketching, and painting when it came to my artwork. Then I met this lovely stock person that goes by the name of Tasa (as in Tasastock) and instantly fell in love with the concept of creating stock. She made it look fun and awesome, and THEN (that's a big then) I discovered more stock artists. The more fun and enjoyment I saw that they had, the more I wanted to start making stock for people to use. So, now this account has been born.

Sidenote: I'm a big nerd, so if I start sounding nerdy at all whilst you interact with me I apologize, and shall tarry forth until then.




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