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So studying abroad this summer is definitely happening. Debating between Shanghai and Taipei right now.
New idea for new year. Is it a good idea to draw examples of future stock?
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It’s a bit late, but thought I’d do a year in review.

2014 was more of a year for stuff outside of DA. A lot of changes happened and this will serve as a reminder to me of what did happen.


1604692 10202222167009921 1822529710 N by kawaiistock

January was the start of my last semester in community college. I was flailing around, waiting to hear back from the universities that I had applied to and was trying not to die a horrible stress induced death. When I got my first offer of acceptance, that stress eased a bit.

1779984 10101592568237495 1177000486 N by kawaiistock

I was running around this month trying to get everything done. This was the month when my health started to act a little wonky. I was having problems with my hands and told myself I'd go to the doctor after I couldn't unclench them after a written exam. It was also the month I went to Vegas for the first time. Got to meet Penn & Teller with my bf. ^_^

1898014 10202637302148040 2104265959 N by kawaiistock

This was the month where I finally could say I became a car owner. This was also the month that I had to deal with issues regarding my ex and my health. I began to round of blood tests at rheumatology to determine what could possibly be wrong with me. This was also when I went in for my back and neck. While dealing with the health stuff, I was invited to a party by my ex where he proceeded to use me as his lightning rod of hate. I left it early, but had to deal with PTSD flashbacks from when we were together. Needless to say, not my best month.

10275315 10202895989295057 3560924008990662321 by kawaiistock

I won my second Academic Award at my community college. I was also diagnosed with Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease, which meant I had to adjust to having all of my joints being attacked whenever my immune system got confuzzled. So, in my mind, I went from 21 to 50 in a span of a couple of months. xD

10294505 10203161786859830 2223678961474072948 N by kawaiistock
In May I graduated from my community college and immediately set forth for my first vacation in four years. I went to my boyfriend's hometown in Ohio where I got to experience Loveland Castle, a Castle that was built by the hands of one extraordinary fellow. I regretted not bringing my camera, so I could take better pictures to post on here but it was breathtaking.

10443309 10203333580514564 765872660865835511 N by kawaiistock

I was able to participate in a photoshoot for the lovely Gloria in June. It was the first time in years that I had felt beautiful at all and I have been very appreciative of the opportunity she provided for me. This was also when I began prep for my second year working at Labyrinth Masquerade.

10401463 10203298465756717 5445300954598676908 N by kawaiistock1743456 10203779647905970 9073654796818235186 N by kawaiistock10441360 10203779647865969 8088187373557773285 N by kawaiistock

Labyrinth was underway and I was happy to be able to dress all manly for the event. Ended up taking up unintentional responsibility for those two nights, which allowed me to spread my skills out a bit. Also, I fangirled from a distance when I saw Brian Kesigner (Victoria and Otto) since he always attends as a vendor.

Lana by kawaiistockLana - 9 by kawaiistockLana - 4 by kawaiistock
Shot my first stock set for the year in July. Came out a lot better than I had hoped. This was also the month that I started my first semester at a university.

Mai - 27 by kawaiistockProfile Picture By Kawaiistock-d8094ls by kawaiistockShyla-3 by kawaiistock

Quite a few things happened in September. I turned 22. I chopped off eight inches of hair. I posted two stock sets (taken prior to my hair being chopped). I also had to deal with ramifications of my medication not working. Lost 15 lb in just the month of August a result of my condition, so I was struggling to maintain my weight at this time.

10719412 841885172497397 867765709 N by kawaiistock

This was a difficult month. I was working two jobs, which equaled up to 40-60 hours a work a week. Also dealing with full time school (13 units). My health and energy levels were diminishing and yet, I kept pushing on. Unfortunately, this stubbornness could only get me so far. I almost ended up in two car accidents because of the exhaustion and learned that I will probably not be able to handle this familiar workload again. The upside was that I did well on all of my midterms this month. ^_^

I survived October and had to recuperate in November. I mainly focused on just not passing out in my classes and just kept on track with all of that. The doctor put me on a stronger medication to see if it would help. I also submitted my application to study abroad in Taiwan for the summer of 2015 (won't hear back until next month btw).

10897817 10200232437569729 352369391679389904 N by kawaiistock
I passed my first semester of University with a 4.0 (Straight A's). Had my first Christmas with my boyfriend. Found out that I am confirmed pre-lupus, but the new medication I started has helped me stabilize my wait. Also was given the okay to start exercising again. All in all, I felt it wrapped up the year on a positive note.

Things I learned from 2014:
I really can't push myself the way I used to. I cultivated this image that I was a superwoman of sorts, but now realize that I am not. I also realized that, as a result of my focusing on work, that I left behind goals and aspirations that I keep reflecting back to. So....

Goals for 2015:

1) Step back into acting; I spent my whole life preparing myself for the acting field and gave up after numerous comments regarding my physical appearance being not acceptable enough for acting field. That was in 2010 when I was 50 lbs heavier than I am now. So, I'm saying fuck it and going into it headfirst now.
2) More stock. I'm hoping to do more stock than just the couple of sets per year. Some of the stock that I'm planning will also help to sell costume pieces so I can save up money for Taiwan (I art funding it myself). If you guys have any stock that you want me to try to do, let me know.
3) Embrace creativity as a whole through various methods. I am hoping to get back into writing and, overall, stop stifling my creativity. Hopefully within the next week I will have started my creativity blog on wordpress (information to be brought to you soon.) It will be my way of tracking my progress, but also helping others re-awaken their creativity as well. At least, that's my goal anyway.

I am exceedingly read to see what 2015 brings me. Let's hope all of you have a wonderful and innovative year as well.

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For the longest time I focused on sketching, and painting when it came to my artwork. Then I met this lovely stock person that goes by the name of Tasa (as in Tasastock) and instantly fell in love with the concept of creating stock. She made it look fun and awesome, and THEN (that's a big then) I discovered more stock artists. The more fun and enjoyment I saw that they had, the more I wanted to start making stock for people to use. So, now this account has been born.

Sidenote: I'm a big nerd, so if I start sounding nerdy at all whilst you interact with me I apologize, and shall tarry forth until then.

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